Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thats Poker.......

I have been an online poker player now for about 4 years and have made some decent money from doing it. When I first started playing I wasnt very good and lost alot of money. As I played more hands over the last few years and read some books I have become pretty good at it. As I have been playing I have come across some pretty good sites that give players money for free just to register an account. Some of them you have to put in capital, others you get free money. Pokersource.com is the best one I have found. There are a couple of poker sites it links you to that give you free money without a deposit. Anywhere from $10- $150 seriously. While you do have to play this money a certain amount of times to cash, out it is free. My suggestion would to to read some pokerbooks if you dont know how to play and take advantage of this opportunity. If you do know how to play use this link and reap the rewards


If you want to play at the best site Ive found so far then play at Fulltilt. They have the best promotions and tournaments. They also have the best looking site out of all that I have played, very easy to navigate. Plus all the big name pros play exclusively on FullTilt. Phil Ivey, Gus Hanson, Erik Seidel, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer just to name a few. You can even watch them play, pros are always playing on some table, so you can observe them and learn from them.

If you want a 100% signup bonus at FullTilt use referal code "shipitobv" or click on the banner below. I highly recommend playing here. Also under no circumstance play at AbsolutePoker, I was recently scammed and have heard stories of this activity happening to others. So click on the banner even if you dont wanna deposit anything, just watching can make you a better player, Good Luck!!!


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