Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About Me

I am a college student about to graduate this year. I have no job and alot of time on my hands. While I should get a job im really lazy and dont like to work. I figure why work for 8 dollars an hour when there are much easier ways to get money. My main source of income right now is playing online poker. I play mostly low stakes but it gets me by for now. I know that when I graduate (which is soon) I'll probably have to get a job. But for now Im just skating on free money, I havent had to work for 3 years now. Im not living lavishly but I always have money to go out and party with friends and pay the bills at the same time. Basically Im bored and im just sharing some of my free money opportunities with you peasants....j/k. Anyway follow some of these tips and you'll never be broke

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