Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Become an Affiliate

I have a few websites now and now understand that becoming an affiliate for certain websites can be very profitable. I am not talking about joining some Pyramid Scheme or some lame downline program, but just promoting sites for free. I just recently started promoting a few sites. These sites let me sign up for free and offer a very nice sum of money for referring new player/affiliates. I just started this a week or so ago and have already got a couple referrals. Most sites (survey sites/traffic sites and others) dont pay their promoters as well the poker sites im currently promoting. While it is easier to get referrals for these other sites, these poker sites will pay you hundreds of dollars for just 1 referral!!! So as it might take a little extra work to get these referrals it is worth it and it is FREE to do it! I know there are other sites out there that you can be an affiliate for, but these are the ones im currently working on. In the future I will post other good, free affiliate programs. Here are the ones I am currently working for. Click the links and or banners, use the refferal code "shipitobv" for an extra bonus, and become an affiliate.

Affiliate Program and Free Poker Money


The Best Affiliate Program At FullTilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker Affiliates

Here is another good affiliate program. They have tons of products to promote with very good commission. Check it out

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run Ads

If you have a Web site up and running you might as well run Ads on it. If you set up an account with adsense from Google, they will pay you to run ads on their site. All you do it submit your site to them and within a couple of days they will respond to you and you can start making money. Just add these ads to your site and wait for people to click on them. The more clicks you receive the more money you get. It is free to register and get the codes for these ads, so you really have nothing to lose. If you dont make any money it doesnt really matter because you dont have to do anything once the ads are on your site. Just give it a try, i just started and have already made a few bucks spending only about 30min reading the step by step instructions on how to place the ads on the site. It is easy free money