Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MarketHealth Affiliate Program

Its the World's largest online health and beauty company. They have tons of products to promote with great commissions (over 50% for some) and its free to join. The best thing about this company unlike others is that it has a $20 cash out minimum. Most other affiliate programs have a much higher amount you must make before you can cash out. With this program even if you just make a couple sales you will get paid for it. Choose from over 50 offers which include herbal supplements, skin care, vitamins, beauty products, health care, weight loss and more. Many of the products are already popular so they are easier to sell because they are well known. This site has all the links and banners provided so check it out and make some easy free money.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Become an Affiliate

I have a few websites now and now understand that becoming an affiliate for certain websites can be very profitable. I am not talking about joining some Pyramid Scheme or some lame downline program, but just promoting sites for free. I just recently started promoting a few sites. These sites let me sign up for free and offer a very nice sum of money for referring new player/affiliates. I just started this a week or so ago and have already got a couple referrals. Most sites (survey sites/traffic sites and others) dont pay their promoters as well the poker sites im currently promoting. While it is easier to get referrals for these other sites, these poker sites will pay you hundreds of dollars for just 1 referral!!! So as it might take a little extra work to get these referrals it is worth it and it is FREE to do it! I know there are other sites out there that you can be an affiliate for, but these are the ones im currently working on. In the future I will post other good, free affiliate programs. Here are the ones I am currently working for. Click the links and or banners, use the refferal code "shipitobv" for an extra bonus, and become an affiliate.

Affiliate Program and Free Poker Money


The Best Affiliate Program At FullTilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker Affiliates

Here is another good affiliate program. They have tons of products to promote with very good commission. Check it out

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run Ads

If you have a Web site up and running you might as well run Ads on it. If you set up an account with adsense from Google, they will pay you to run ads on their site. All you do it submit your site to them and within a couple of days they will respond to you and you can start making money. Just add these ads to your site and wait for people to click on them. The more clicks you receive the more money you get. It is free to register and get the codes for these ads, so you really have nothing to lose. If you dont make any money it doesnt really matter because you dont have to do anything once the ads are on your site. Just give it a try, i just started and have already made a few bucks spending only about 30min reading the step by step instructions on how to place the ads on the site. It is easy free money

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do Surveys.... Seriously

Yeah I know it sounds lame and it is boring, but it is for real. I was really bored a couple months ago and was in a bad run playing poker and someone told me about this site. I checked it and it was legit. I started filling out surveys for about two hours and before I knew it I had $12 in my account. By the end of the month I had about $60 in my account and they sent me a check. While you wont get rich doing this and it is boring it is some nice extra cash just for doing some crappy surveys (Beer money for me). Seriously though all you have to do is fill out some surveys that pay mostly between 25cents to $1.50 (although their are some that pay more up $40) and they get banked into an account. Also if you get other people to join by referring them you make 20% of their earning (dont actually take it from their pocket, cashcrate gives you the 20% out of their pocket) and 10% of their referals earning. So you can make even more by by just telling others about it. I finally started to get referals, so now even when im not on my computer im making extra profit, its sweet. At the end of the month if ur account reaches $20 a check will be sent to your home. The only requirement are that you are over the age of 13 and are a United States Citizen, its that simple. If you follow this link and set up an account you will receive a starting bonus. Follow this link, register, and see for yourself. No credit card required or any other form of money down.

If you click on this link you will receive a bonus for signing up, do the offers with the highest ratings first those ones almost always work and go from pending to banked within an hour or so. Also some of the surveys at the end say you must complete two offers to be eligable, alot of them you can just click and not fill them out. Exit out of the survey and submit to cashcrate. As soon as the orginal URL changes (usually after you give your name and other personal info) you are done with the survey unless it says you must click on two offers. Just click on them and 15 seconds later you can submit. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME FILLING OUT ALL THE YES OR NO OFFERS YOU DONT HAVE TO, you will waste valuable time doing this for no reason. As soon as the URL changes your done. Also I have never filled out the silver and gold offers and have had alot of them go through, even higher paying ones with lower ratings.


Also I just found another good survey site. This one is called TresureTrooper. It is very similar to Cashcrate with similar surveys and referel programs, but it has some other interesting aspects. Basically it is more fun than cashcrate because it has prizes for certain surveys, you can collect coins and other gems that can get you cool stuff and free referals. If your not in it to maximize profit and want to have a little more fun while doing these surveys check this site out.


Use Traffic Exchanges

I just recently started doing this. I havent made much income from it yet, but it is a great way to get exposure to your site. I just joined a couple of sites that are listed on the side bar of this site, and have already received 100's of hits to my site. If you are doing a promotional site and or trying to sell something, join these sites. They are free to join and you get free exposure. You even get rewards and cash for just adding your site. The more time you spend on these sites surfing, the more hits your site will get, which generates extra income. While I havent received any checks yet from these sites, I have received hits to my site. Just do it if you have a site and want people to see it you got nothing to lose. Click Thru, Hit Magik, TrueView Traffic, Traffic Swarm and Link Referal are the sites. Links are on the side

My Favorite is Click Thru, its seems to get the most hits, quality hits too because people actually have to stay at the site for at least 30 seconds for it to count and get their site more exposure, here is the link:
Increase Website Traffic

Just added this to this post. Recently signed up for RoyalSurf, its new and pretty fun. You play a role playing game and earn more traffic through it, you can also win cash prizes. Click the link to it on the side

Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 really good tip for online poker

Ok, im talking about poker again so if you dont play and dont want to just ignore this post. I have tried many different methods to make money paying online poker. I found one that worked but only for 1 table SNG's (sit and goes). I have played cash games and multitable tournaments with mixed results. While I have been successful playing these I found a book a year or two ago that really worked. The book is called "Sit 'n Go Strategy"..... Expert advice for beating one-table poker tournaments, by: Collin Moshman. The book is about 300 pages and is very easy to follow with pictures and examples. Seriously if you know anything about poker and read this book and go by what it says, if you are patient I gurantee you will win. I started just playing SNGs two at a time and following the strategy from the book and I started winning. After I got my bank roll up I started playing 4 tables at a time. While you will go through streaks where you lose upwards of 10 in a row, in the long run you will win. There are tips in the book for bank roll managment as well. I know this isnt FREE MONEY but it sure feels like it is. Just try it out, the book is like $20. Order it online and give the method a try. Ive made thousands by just following this strategy.

Also NEVER EVER PLAY ON ABSOLUTE POKER, I woke up one day and my money was gone from my account here. I told AbsolutePoker of this and 5 days later they told me someone hacked into my account and played my money. While they knew of this they still would not reinburse me for the money I lost. Their support team is pathetic and I dont think it is safe to play there, so stay away, SERIOUSLY!!!

Grants for students

Most new students that go to college either have their parents pay for it or get financial aid. I was of the latter, I took out loans and got finanical aid to get through college. However, most students just apply through the school and the school tells them what they are eligible for and they just take it. Dont do this!!! There are lots of grants for college (especially for new students, and non-tradtional students) they you may be able to get. First, before you just send out your aid requests to the government, meet with someone in the finanical aid office at your school and ask them what programs you might be eligable for. If you go out of your way to ask them question usually they will be more than happy to give you the info. If they say that you dont qualify for anything DONT JUST TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT. They may not know of certain programs or are just too busy to want to help you. Check out these websites and search for grants:


The trick is to apply for as many as possible that you might be eligable for. It doesnt take alot of time and there is a good chance that at least one might work for you. I was able to find some grants that worked for me, (not through these sites because I didnt know of them) and it helped me pay for college. If all else fails you could take out a loan if you really need money. For college students it is pretty easy to get loans. While the interest rates are usually outrageous, if you have a business plan (illegal or legal) to use this capital wisely and create more money with it, it is not a bad idea. Make some money then pay back the loan you will probably only have accrued about $500 extra on a $5000 loan. Try astrive, they will give anyone a loan..... lol. While I have done loans, I was desperate for cash so keep that in mind. Try and get free money from the government or other organizations first, its easier than you think

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About Me

I am a college student about to graduate this year. I have no job and alot of time on my hands. While I should get a job im really lazy and dont like to work. I figure why work for 8 dollars an hour when there are much easier ways to get money. My main source of income right now is playing online poker. I play mostly low stakes but it gets me by for now. I know that when I graduate (which is soon) I'll probably have to get a job. But for now Im just skating on free money, I havent had to work for 3 years now. Im not living lavishly but I always have money to go out and party with friends and pay the bills at the same time. Basically Im bored and im just sharing some of my free money opportunities with you peasants....j/k. Anyway follow some of these tips and you'll never be broke

Thats Poker.......

I have been an online poker player now for about 4 years and have made some decent money from doing it. When I first started playing I wasnt very good and lost alot of money. As I played more hands over the last few years and read some books I have become pretty good at it. As I have been playing I have come across some pretty good sites that give players money for free just to register an account. Some of them you have to put in capital, others you get free money. Pokersource.com is the best one I have found. There are a couple of poker sites it links you to that give you free money without a deposit. Anywhere from $10- $150 seriously. While you do have to play this money a certain amount of times to cash, out it is free. My suggestion would to to read some pokerbooks if you dont know how to play and take advantage of this opportunity. If you do know how to play use this link and reap the rewards


If you want to play at the best site Ive found so far then play at Fulltilt. They have the best promotions and tournaments. They also have the best looking site out of all that I have played, very easy to navigate. Plus all the big name pros play exclusively on FullTilt. Phil Ivey, Gus Hanson, Erik Seidel, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer just to name a few. You can even watch them play, pros are always playing on some table, so you can observe them and learn from them.

If you want a 100% signup bonus at FullTilt use referal code "shipitobv" or click on the banner below. I highly recommend playing here. Also under no circumstance play at AbsolutePoker, I was recently scammed and have heard stories of this activity happening to others. So click on the banner even if you dont wanna deposit anything, just watching can make you a better player, Good Luck!!!