Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do Surveys.... Seriously

Yeah I know it sounds lame and it is boring, but it is for real. I was really bored a couple months ago and was in a bad run playing poker and someone told me about this site. I checked it and it was legit. I started filling out surveys for about two hours and before I knew it I had $12 in my account. By the end of the month I had about $60 in my account and they sent me a check. While you wont get rich doing this and it is boring it is some nice extra cash just for doing some crappy surveys (Beer money for me). Seriously though all you have to do is fill out some surveys that pay mostly between 25cents to $1.50 (although their are some that pay more up $40) and they get banked into an account. Also if you get other people to join by referring them you make 20% of their earning (dont actually take it from their pocket, cashcrate gives you the 20% out of their pocket) and 10% of their referals earning. So you can make even more by by just telling others about it. I finally started to get referals, so now even when im not on my computer im making extra profit, its sweet. At the end of the month if ur account reaches $20 a check will be sent to your home. The only requirement are that you are over the age of 13 and are a United States Citizen, its that simple. If you follow this link and set up an account you will receive a starting bonus. Follow this link, register, and see for yourself. No credit card required or any other form of money down.

If you click on this link you will receive a bonus for signing up, do the offers with the highest ratings first those ones almost always work and go from pending to banked within an hour or so. Also some of the surveys at the end say you must complete two offers to be eligable, alot of them you can just click and not fill them out. Exit out of the survey and submit to cashcrate. As soon as the orginal URL changes (usually after you give your name and other personal info) you are done with the survey unless it says you must click on two offers. Just click on them and 15 seconds later you can submit. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME FILLING OUT ALL THE YES OR NO OFFERS YOU DONT HAVE TO, you will waste valuable time doing this for no reason. As soon as the URL changes your done. Also I have never filled out the silver and gold offers and have had alot of them go through, even higher paying ones with lower ratings.

Also I just found another good survey site. This one is called TresureTrooper. It is very similar to Cashcrate with similar surveys and referel programs, but it has some other interesting aspects. Basically it is more fun than cashcrate because it has prizes for certain surveys, you can collect coins and other gems that can get you cool stuff and free referals. If your not in it to maximize profit and want to have a little more fun while doing these surveys check this site out.


TSB said...

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Felix Makmur said...

Yes, I also earned some money doing surveys online. Even though it's mainly just $2-$5 per survey, it's still a fun thing to do and can bring extra income as well.