Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grants for students

Most new students that go to college either have their parents pay for it or get financial aid. I was of the latter, I took out loans and got finanical aid to get through college. However, most students just apply through the school and the school tells them what they are eligible for and they just take it. Dont do this!!! There are lots of grants for college (especially for new students, and non-tradtional students) they you may be able to get. First, before you just send out your aid requests to the government, meet with someone in the finanical aid office at your school and ask them what programs you might be eligable for. If you go out of your way to ask them question usually they will be more than happy to give you the info. If they say that you dont qualify for anything DONT JUST TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT. They may not know of certain programs or are just too busy to want to help you. Check out these websites and search for grants:

The trick is to apply for as many as possible that you might be eligable for. It doesnt take alot of time and there is a good chance that at least one might work for you. I was able to find some grants that worked for me, (not through these sites because I didnt know of them) and it helped me pay for college. If all else fails you could take out a loan if you really need money. For college students it is pretty easy to get loans. While the interest rates are usually outrageous, if you have a business plan (illegal or legal) to use this capital wisely and create more money with it, it is not a bad idea. Make some money then pay back the loan you will probably only have accrued about $500 extra on a $5000 loan. Try astrive, they will give anyone a loan..... lol. While I have done loans, I was desperate for cash so keep that in mind. Try and get free money from the government or other organizations first, its easier than you think

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