Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 really good tip for online poker

Ok, im talking about poker again so if you dont play and dont want to just ignore this post. I have tried many different methods to make money paying online poker. I found one that worked but only for 1 table SNG's (sit and goes). I have played cash games and multitable tournaments with mixed results. While I have been successful playing these I found a book a year or two ago that really worked. The book is called "Sit 'n Go Strategy"..... Expert advice for beating one-table poker tournaments, by: Collin Moshman. The book is about 300 pages and is very easy to follow with pictures and examples. Seriously if you know anything about poker and read this book and go by what it says, if you are patient I gurantee you will win. I started just playing SNGs two at a time and following the strategy from the book and I started winning. After I got my bank roll up I started playing 4 tables at a time. While you will go through streaks where you lose upwards of 10 in a row, in the long run you will win. There are tips in the book for bank roll managment as well. I know this isnt FREE MONEY but it sure feels like it is. Just try it out, the book is like $20. Order it online and give the method a try. Ive made thousands by just following this strategy.

Also NEVER EVER PLAY ON ABSOLUTE POKER, I woke up one day and my money was gone from my account here. I told AbsolutePoker of this and 5 days later they told me someone hacked into my account and played my money. While they knew of this they still would not reinburse me for the money I lost. Their support team is pathetic and I dont think it is safe to play there, so stay away, SERIOUSLY!!!


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Barbi said...

Thanks for all the great tips, keep up the great blogging!